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The right product at the right time and the right place... following this essential logistics rule, CLP GmbH designs and realises barcode- and RFID system solutions for all kinds of industries to identify flows of goods and commodities with...

Recording everything


SMART INVENTORY SYSTEM – the DMS compatible all-in-one software solution for car and tyre dealers who wish to streamline and automate their parts logistics and inventory management (incoming goods, inventory and tyre storage) because they find manual control too time-consuming, error-prone, inefficient and thus too expensive...

How car and tyre dealers record what counts


SCAN AND MANAGE – the real-time inventory management specifically designed for automotive suppliers who need to be able to record stock movement of parts and components quick and reliably via barcode or RFID. This web-based browser application - optimised for office monitors - offers comprehensive management and analysis options from just any place in your intranet.

How suppliers record what counts