CLP Scan & Manage –
more time for your core business

Are you familiar with this?

The logging and management of your warehouse inventory is arduous and prone to error? You are lacking a real-time overview of articles, locations, vehicles or dispatches? You would finally like smooth flows of goods?

Trust in mobile data logging and free yourself of faulty and time-consuming processes in goods management. We ensure that you have more time in future for value-adding activities and also save a lot of paper.

Why CLP?

We are experts in all-in-one solutions for mobile data logging, processing and warehouse management in production, trade, warehousing & logistics. We are knowledgeable about processes, agile software development, hardware and service. We provide comprehensive advice, find the optimal data logging solution and integrate it efficiently into existing processes and IT systems. We take care of your mobile end devices, throughout the entire lifecycle and including repairs.

How can we help you?

Perhaps with our easily adaptable warehouse software SAM Warehouse? With individual software and modern web technologies? Or with a comprehensive complete solution including scanners, label printers etc., along with exceptional service, which extends the service life of your logging devices and limits the use of resources in the interests of climate protection.

Decide on the all-round solution and talk to us.
We look forward to finding the right data logging solution together with you.

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